The Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour

Jeff Lewis (the talented actor and comedian – you may know him as Vork from The Guild – not the Jeff Lewis from that reality show) is back with Season 2 of his sketch comedy web series. It’s frickin’ hilarious. Seriously, of the many web series suggestions I’ve made to my co-workers, this is the one everyone liked. I even got a “you suck, that link made me spit out my coffee I was laughing so hard.” High praise indeed.

Check out the latest episode, Deathbed:

Then go back and watch the rest of the videos from the beginning. My personal favorite might be Training. Or Tag. Or the Kickstarter video with the dog. It’s hard to pick just one.

As always, like and subscribe. Seriously, just fuckin’ log in and subscribe. You’re getting this awesome entertainment for free. It’s not that difficult. Do it. Now. [In the interest of full disclosure, I have not subscribed.  Just kidding. Of course I've subscribed. Probably with more than one account. See how easy it is.]

CERNTV – Higgs boson

While yesterday’s video post bordered on the ridiculous (or at least silly), today we are going to go with the sublime. If you’re anything like me, you read yesterday’s announcement about the CERN discovery of a subatomic particle that is “consistent with” Higgs boson (I think I have that right) and wanted to learn more. So I poked around the internet, as I am apt to do, reading various articles and postings on the subject.

Then I found this video on the CERN YouTube channel with theoretical physicist John Ellis explaining Higgs boson (thank you whoever posted the link on reddit):

Let me repeat that…CERN, a high level physics research organization located in Switzerland, has its own YouTube channel in which they explain their very complex work to curious laypeople like myself. As of today, that channel has nearly four million views.

To me that’s absolutely extraordinary. Not because I have any great interest in CERN or particle physics. I don’t. I was just looking for a basic understanding on something that happened in the world. My excitement is what it shows about our access to information, and how easy it has become to both find and share that information.

Twenty years ago you would have had to go to a university library to learn more about a scientific discovery that you read about in the newspaper. Now it’s just a click away. Say what you will about the internet making people stupid and unable concentrate because of its distractions, when I see things like this I could not love the internet more. I will readily admit that my understanding of Higgs is very superficial. But guess what? Thanks to this video and some articles I read online I do have a very basic understanding of particle physics. I think that’s just awesome.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is one of my absolute favorite web series. Created by Hank Green and Bernie Su, it’s a modern retelling of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. As a vlog! It’s really well done, super cute and addictive.

This weeks episode was very meta, as Lizzie and her best friend/vlog producer Charlotte Lu travel to VidCon. Watch, and as Lizzie’s sister Lydia would say, enjoy the adorbs.

Actually, I highly recommend you start at the beginning. It’s worth it. Then subscribe, because it costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time and helps support this great content. And they always ask so nicely, so just do it.

And since Lizzie Bennet got all meta on us in this episode, I’m going to get meta myself and add the video a fan posted on YouTube of her meeting the cast of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries this weekend at Vidcon.

I heart the internet. It’s so full of awesome.


VidCon 2012 is this weekend, and it’s no coincidence that I’m starting this website on that same weekend. Actually, it’s a complete coincidence but since it’s going on, I probably should post something about it.

VidCon is the convention for internet video founded and organized by VlogBrothers Hank and John Green.  It is where video content creators, YouTube stars (often but not always the same as the content creators) and their fans get together to share their love of web video. The first VidCon took place in 2010, and it’s been growing in scope and attendance ever since. It’s a place where fans get to meet their favorite online stars, content creators get to network (or just hang out) with each other and hopefuls can attend panels to learn about various aspects of web video creation, production, marketing and monitization.

YouTube has an official VidCon Channel where you can check out some of it’s offerings. Or just search VidCon and you’ll find more videos than any one person could (or at least should) watch on the subject.

Rusty Has Narcolepsy

Rusty has narcolepsy probably isn’t the first video I ever watched on YouTube, but it’s one of the earliest. And it’s certainly the only one I still go back to on occasion. I admit it.  I’m a sucker for dachshunds. It’s also a good example of typical YouTube content during its early years.

Created in 2005, the first YouTube video, Me at the zoo, was uploaded on April 23rd. Looking back at these early videos, it’s pretty amazing to see how much YouTube content has evolved over the past seven years. The quality of some of the web videos these days, especially some of the web series, is really impressive. Which is not to say that dog and cat and elephant videos aren’t still being uploaded every day.  They are.  And I still enjoy watching them.